Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick and Dirty Konad Swatches

Konad swatches are surprisingly hard to find, and I know how valuable they can be when you are right on the verge of placing a 1am wowsocool order. I recently broke down and bought 5 new plates with the 30% off code, and decided to do some very quick (and very messy!) swatches of a few of my plates. All used WnW Black Creme and WnW French White.

Plate m62:

Overall, I really like this plate. the design on my ring and pinky was a little difficult to work with, the entire image never wanted to stamp. The necklace (pinky and thumb) was surprisingly easy, as were both designs on the ring finger. The one on the middle finger was near impossible to center, and the top never wanted to stamp with the rest of the image.

Plate m60:

This plate was actually pretty great. The plaid design gave me trouble every time I attempted it, but the others were crisp and easy. The ring finger design, which I though would be the most difficult to transfer, was actually the easiest.

Plate m65:

Loved this one. Everything went on pretty easy, even the circles! I thought they would be near impossible. Hardest image to work with was the roses.

Plate m44:

Ok..... this was my first time using the french manicure konads. They are quite the challenge! I love the idea of them, but it is soooo hard to get them to line up correctly. Most of the time, they just look wonky. But I want to love them, so I am going to keep trying! The pinky design was the hardest to work with, the two on the middle finger were the easiest.

Hope this was helpful, even though they are *really* messy :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Fail of the Day

Soooo I decided that I wanted to do a slighty tacky, bright NOTD for today and tomorrow that was in the Halloween spirit. It.... did not turn out well. So first off, here is a KOTD from last week, and below that you can get a peak at the F(ail)OTD...


NYC White, WnW Black Creme Konad Plate m63

Now on to the Halloween NOTD...

So in my mind, I wanted a bright pumpkin orange like this LA Girl Flare:

But when I went to put it on, the application was beyond awful. I have no idea how I got it to look so even in the picture above.

So I decided to use another orange I have, WnW Craze in Inferno:

This is WnW Craze Inferno with WnW Black Creme Konad Plate m44

The orange is a lot more orange, and a lot brighter in person, but for some reason it just doesn't work. The black creme kept smearing onto the orange for no reason, but it was down at the cuticles, not by the konad. Anyway, this is also my first attempt at the french manicure konad, it will definitely take a little more practice. Unfortunately I think this mani will be staying on until tomorrow night, maybe it will grow on me...

Wanna NailMe?

I hope everyone gets a kick out of the name.... straight to the point, eh? Think of this blog as the "promiscuous" friend of your other nail blogs. The one that might show a date a good time if he will supply the credit card number for her VNS order later that night.... The one most likely to be called a hoe for wearing her bright red nail polish to work. Lets start it off right! Here is my current NOTD, and a few others. Enjoy :)

WnW Craze in Goldmine under WnW Flirt Gilded , WnW Black Creme with Konad Plate M57


CQ Silver Taupe with WnW Black Creme Konad Plate M57

ChG Medallion

WnW Wild Orchid

Sinful Kismet Elated

Sorry about the formatting issues, I swear I will get this whole blogging thing figured out sometime soon.

Hi Everyone!

I have decided to start a nail blog that is a touch different than all the others. I am 21, a college student, and therefore I am broke. So many nail blogs are focused on brands that I could never dream of owning, like Rescue Beauty Lounge, Nfu-oh, Nubar, Lippmann, MAC, even OPI. Call me cheap, but I cringe at the thought of spending more than $2 on a nail polish, which means even China Glaze is a little high up there :)

So, I am here to give you the thrifty girl's nail blog. You will see a lot of great finds at an even better price. The little gems of the drug store, and the great deals at the etailers. Feel free to request any polishes or manicures that you would like to see, but remember your chances are highest if they are WnW, NYC, Sinful.... or some other bargain goodie. I am also a Konad lover, and will try to make a decent stash of Konad plate swatches, because I know they can be hard to find.

Well, let's get to it!